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FileMaker 101 Tutorial Series


This is an accumulation of three years writing monthly articles for My Mac Magazine. They loosely follow my own progression with the application. Articles 1-25 are all tied together in the central FM 101 database file, with linked example files, available on the downloads page, as either a version 3-4 or 5 file. Articles 26 on are new, download from the article itself.

1. Fields Basic fields, serial number, concatenated text calculation, creation and modification dates.
2. Indexing What indexing does, and some cases where you don't want it.
3. Layout Basic layout techniques, with several commands and tricks to speed up design
4. Global Fields A search-and-replace with globals, as well as an Undo
5. Relationships Defining, keys, related fields, setting keys with portals or value lists, calculations with related fields
6. "Finds" with Globals Using Globals in "Finds," saving found sets with Copy All Records, globals with portals
7. Duplicates Marking duplicates, either first or last entries, summing records
8. Globals and Portals Using Globals with Portals for navigation
9. First Mark by Lookup Marking first entries only automatically with a lookup.
10.Synchronizing Files How to strip duplicates from imports, or update records from an import, synchronizing two files.
11.Calculated Keys Alphabetic Portal, Clairvoyance
12.Global Containers Alternating Rows, Outline rows using global container fields and calculations
13.Imports & Lookups Import Order (and disorder), Lookups, Value list using a related field
14.Self-Relationships Using self-relationships, identifying records w/ globals keys. Calculations w/self-relationships.
15.Globals & Filtered Portals Get the Records you want in Portals, using global keys to reset the portal.
16.New Records via a Constant Universal new record creation using a global and constant relationship; in cases when "allow creation of related records" won't work.
17.Documentation, Internal Naming and organizing the elements within your database. So that you can remember what things are and what they do.
18.LoopLoop How to use Loops to “walk” through a found set, making decisions and/or numbering records. Creating an Outline report form.
19.Date & Time Date & Time can be used as numbers, finding ranges, concatenating as a key for a Log file
20.Auto-Enter or Lookup? Auto-Enter by calculation allows Relookups on a Key; Auto-enter Lookup does not. How and when to use each.
21.Multi-Key Value List Window How to use a multi-key field for portable many-to-many relationships, including conditional value list windows. Also simple Passwords
22.Walking the Relationships Use relationships to move between and perform operations on different sets of records during scripts.
23.Help! Attaching a built-in Help system to a multi-file database
24.Tracking Items How to track an item, both when it is used and when it is not used. Also shows some "before & after" portals, and highlighting rows in a portal.
25.Bookmarks with AppleScript How to use AppleScript to enable web browsers to bookmark web pages directly into a bookmarks database. (Most functions Mac only; Bookmarks are cross-platform.)
 New Articles
26.Auto-Enter Last Date How to compare the value in a field to the most recent previous one entered using the
Last(self-relationship::field) function.

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